Gunfucius is the Best Shooting Software!
A Safety Quiz for each new shooter. Safety is a PRIORITY!

Camera support.  View your
target live while shooting.

Shooting logs and performance
stats for multiple shooters.

Inventory tracking of your firearms, ammunition and optics.

Check out these features!
Printable Targets and a Target Creator
to custom design your own targets.

Gunfucius measures your shot groups
with just a click of a button!

A Causes and Cures Module to
help improve your shooting.

A Zero In Module to sight in
your optics on the fly.

The Lastest News will continue to post Gunfucius related news and updates when available!  Check back often!
Gunfucius User Interface Snapshot
Shoot Safe & have Fun Competing with up to 4 Shooters Simultaneously!

Analyze Shooting Technique & Ammo Loads by Tracking Shot Groups!

Train on the fly using the
Technique Module!

Design your favorite Targets
using the Target Creator!

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