Gunfucius is the Best Shooting Software!
Welcome to the Gunfucius Target Shooting System!
Gunfucius User Interface Snapshot
Use your web camera & spotting scope to view the target LIVE!

 - Analyze and improve shooting technique (using the Causes & Cures Module).
 - Track Shot Groups and analyze Extreme Spread data.
 - Analyze ammo loads using the Interactive Chart Module.
- Keep firearms, optics and ammo inventories.
 - Schedule firearm maintenance.
- Create and print out targets with the Gunfucius Target Creator.
- Print out everything from shot groups to ammo loads, firearms & much more.
 - Use the Zero In Module to sight in your optics on the fly.
- Have fun in a safe shooting environment competing with up to 4 shooters at once.
The Gunfucius Target Shooting System is not based on any specific shooting discipline. You'll enjoy using Gunfucius to improve your shooting technique, productivity and fun factor.   Each firearm should be matched with the most consistent ammunition possible.  This is essential for SELF DEFENSE and Gunfucius makes that process a no brainer!  Using Gunfucius on the range provides shooting enthusiasts the following tools to hone their skills...
You'll find that Gunfucius is user friendly with a built in Tips or Hints System that guides you from anywhere within the user interface! Download the Free 14 Day Trial and see for yourself!
Shoot Safe & have Fun Competing with up to 4 Shooters Simultaneously!

Analyze Shooting Technique & Ammo Loads by Tracking Shot Groups!

Train on the fly using the
Technique Module!

Design your favorite Targets
using the Target Creator!

Try a FREE 14 day trial